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What exactly do we do?

The short answer: We provide virtual assistant services. What we really do is provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs and businesses to outsource important non core business functions.

But we do so much more, we become the chief project management officer taking on tasks for our clients from start to finish. We make sure that deliverables are provided on a timely basis, deadlines are met and the finished product fits the primary vision of the company and business owner.

Business owners wear many hats and have long to-do lists. Some things are bound to fall through the cracks. We help solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, small business owners save time – time they can spend working on their core business or work less altogether. Have you ever considered outsourcing your non-core business functions? Our team can be an extension of your staff. We work with all your existing vendors and stakeholders or help you find the right vendor to fulfill all of your business needs. We also assist new business owners who are trying to get their business off the ground.

Why would a business owner consider outsourcing to Ideal Solutions?

  • Time but no talent – Are you a small business or a startup that thinks they have time to navigate the oftentimes overwhelming world of social media. But is that where your time is best served?
  • Talent but no time – Do you regularly pull a great salesperson away from bringing revenue into the company to complete non-sales related projects. Wouldn’t you rather have them closing the sale instead?
  • Neither time nor talent – We love working with start ups or small businesses on the verge of growth but not ready to hire more employees.

To read three great reasons to outsource go here.

Let’s talk virtual assistant costs versus hiring an employee. To hire another employee at $15/hr for 32 hr with 25% for benefits and taxes you are looking at about $600 a week. You are paying for employees’ at the water cooler, their coffee breaks, their ‘quick’ personal phone call or bathroom break. That is a $31,000 a year expense to hire the talents of one person. Starting at a retainer of $300 a month you can hire a highly educated, experienced, diverse, qualified staff  to handle a variety of functions like social media, blogging or email marketing. A staff that works only as much as you need and gets paid only to work! You can also hire Ideal Solutions hourly starting at $40. Get more pricing information here.

Ideal Solutions provides a dream team of strategic, educated, experienced individuals that are singularly focused on the specific project/task at hand. We immerse ourselves in your business so that we become an extension of your staff. Make one call, we’ll do it all. It’s easy for you, your team, and your vendors to work with us. We coordinate with your existing vendors as well as vendors we know to manage a project, a function, or all operations, we can help with whatever you need it most, when you need it most.

Get a quote.