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Three Great Reasons to Use a Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing has gotten a bad rap because it is associated with sending work to other countries where they are limited in the understanding of the nuances of business in this country and they don’t spend the time learning about the company they are representing.
There are 3 main reasons to outsource to a virtual assistant company like Ideal Solutions:
1) Your company/staff has the time but not the talent. This is an area in which we excel. Some of our most outsourced functions include email marketing and social media management. Why not hire individuals who can accomplish these tasks with a high level of expertise vs a staff member with limited knowledge base?
2) Your company has the talent but not the time. I call this the “squirrel” effect, like the quirky dog from the Disney movie “Up”, distracted at any sign of a squirrel. In companies this happens when employees who are working on one project are pulled to work on another and are not giving complete focus to either project. When your list of to-dos is too long your employees begin to feel stretched and your productivity suffers.
3) Your company has neither the time nor the talent. This is an epidemic among solopreneurs, entrepreneurs,and small businesses. They may have work but not enough for a full time employee or don’t have the resources or inclination to manage a staff. We either bring the expertise or find the vendors and then manage the project to its completion.
Ideal Solutions provides a dream team of strategic, educated, experienced individuals who are singularly focused on the specific project/task at hand. We immerse ourselves in your business so that we become an extension of your staff.


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