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The Shoemaker's Children Always Go Barefoot!

There’s a saying that goes…”the shoemaker’s children always go barefoot.” What does that mean? In a nutshell, we often forget to use our skills or knowledge for the benefit of our own family, or in some cases our own business.

We at Ideal Solutions resemble that remark. It’s been quite some time since we sent out a newsletter, even though it’s one of the core services we provide to clients. This month alone, we will be sending 20+ newsletters on behalf of others. And that doesn’t even include the numerous articles that we upload to blogs and websites each week.

We make sure our clients stay top of mind with their contacts and prospects by communicating via newsletter on a monthly, and in some cases weekly, basis great post to read. Some of our clients might even say that we are really good at “hounding” them to make sure that sending newsletters becomes habitual. These publications then grow to become an integral part of their overall marketing plan.

It’s important to not only communicate with clients and prospects when they are ready to buy your product or use your service. Because, let’s face it, they might not always tell you when they are ready. You want to stay top of mind. Consumers like to do business with people and businesses they connect with on a personal level. It’s not just enough to talk about the new product you’re launching, although that’s important as well. Instead, it’s about communicating, not just selling. You must use best practices and figure out what resonates most with your audience.

The results speak for themselves. The emails that we send for our clients are consistently getting higher than average open rates and click-throughs to websites. We love it when our clients share the positive feedback they receive.

So, we are not going barefoot anymore . . . I hope you like our new newsletter format.  You can expect to hear more from Ideal Solutions in the coming months; we’re following our own advice and are happy to not be barefoot any longer.



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