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Great Employees for Hire

I can’t believe that May has come and gone. May always seems to be a very busy celebration month for me. There’s Mother’s Day, followed by my Mom’s birthday, and then even I have a birthday in May. This year, my Mom had a milestone birthday–her 80th. I am so lucky to have a Mom that always provides such support and incredible inspiration to me.  And that brings me to my point, finally, which is how fortunate and inspired I am to be able to work with my Ideal Solutions Staff.
You see, my staff is made up entirely of mommies who work virtually from home. They are focused, efficient, and incredibly reliable. They all have worked and excelled in traditional corporate jobs in a variety of fields such as HR, marketing, finance, and even technology. Most importantly, they have consciously made the decision to work from home to achieve balance in their personal and professional lives. They have flexible schedules that allow them to spend time with their families while still meeting our clients’ needs and deadlines. Now let me share a little secret with you–happy employees make for great employees–our team is an excellent example of that.
Happy employees are great employees. This is the story of the Ideal Solutions Mommy Army. Why providing professional Moms with the opportunity for work- life balance creates an exceptional client experience.
The staff at Ideal Solutions becomes an extension of our client’s staff. Think of us the chief project management officer taking on tasks from start to finish. We make sure that deliverables are provided on a timely basis, deadlines are met, and the finished product fits the primary vision of the company and business owner. Some of our clients would even say that we poke and prod them into action, gently and sometimes not so gently. If we don’t have the particular skill necessary for a project, we source vendors that do have the skills. We then keep those vendors on task. If you are considering outsourcing, or even just hiring temporary staff, you may want to consider Ideal Solutions as an option.
Even though Mother’s Day is only in May, I feel grateful every day for my Mom and to have the privilege of working with my amazing Mommy Army.


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