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Posted by on Dec 20, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Holiday Cheers from Ideal Solutions

Holiday Cheers from Ideal Solutions

It’s the time to celebrate with friends and family. We wish you the best for the holidays and the New Year! Here is how our team likes to celebrate from morning mimosas to detox drinks for the morning after. Enjoy!

7 ways our team likes to celebrate the holiday season—from morning mimosas to detox drinks for the morning after.

For the person who doesn’t drink coffee, such as myself, a mimosa is the perfect cocktail for brunch or any special occasion.  Just mix equal parts of orange juice and champagne or sparkling white wine such as Prosecco (my favorite) and serve in a champagne flute! It’s easy and delicious.

I got engaged 10 years ago in December, right in front of the tree at Rockefeller Center.  The next morning, everything seemed magical as we walked around the chilly city.  To warm up, we stopped for brunch at Trump Tower and I had a delicious Fifth Avenue Bellini.  Now this mix of Trump sparkling wine and Cru Apéritif always makes me think of the holidays.  A bitters-flavored sunken sugar cube surprise gives it a little extra sparkle and an orange slice garnish tops it all off.

I guess you can say I’m a bit of a Martha Stewart junkie. I wish I could adopt her sometimes or maybe she could adopt me (I don’t need her estate, just her knowledge)? I found this recipe by my beloved Martha and it combines two of my favorites during the holiday season chocolate and eggnog. I know it sounds bizarre at first, but let it sink in and then enjoy this recipe for Spiced Chocolate Eggnog. By the way this recipe makes 12 servings, so make sure you share!

I’d love to offer up advice on my favorite fancy cocktail, but the truth is, I don’t really have time. I have 3 very little and very wild boys who require so much of my attention, that my idea of a nice relaxing drink is just straight liquor served neat. That means no ice, no water, no mixer, nothing but a nice high-quality vodka that can stand on its own.

JoFranJodi (AKA Texas Jodi):
Good ‘n Plenty has always been a favorite candy of mine. The fact that my husband won’t touch it is a bonus. So Sambuca is the perfect night cap for me after the kids are asleep and the kitchen is clean, usually while watching Fallon before I call it a night myself. I prefer it chilled, intensifying the favor. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s my dessert! And it has fewer calories…I think. But if I’m wrong, just let me live in my ignorance…it’s been a long day.

My drink of choice is craft beer. With so many options and so many great breweries it would be impossible for me to choose just one. So instead, I’m going to suggest a few local breweries and beer pubs that you can visit and support. Try a few brews yourself and you may find a favorite. MIA Brewing, Kush Wynwood, J Wakefield Brewing, and Wynwood Brewing Company. Need a little guidance? Give me a shout. I love talking about beer!

After a night of drinking all the delicious alcoholic beverages that the Ideal Solutions team has recommended; you’re going to need to detox. What better way to cleanse then with a deliciously refreshing healthy smoothie. Well, here are two. One is super simple to create while the other is a bit more complicated. Both facilitate your body’s ability to flush out those unwanted toxins. With plenty of water to drink and a good night’s rest they are exactly what your body needs to refuel. And as an added bonus, you may lose a pound or two. Click here for the recipes.




Leila Chang started Ideal Lifestyle Concierge after living a busy corporate life as the CEO of several South Florida companies. She recognized the need for personal assistance in her day-to-day life and wanted to make it a available for everyone. In 2006, Ideal Lifestyle Concierge became a reality. In 2013, the company was rebranded as Ideal Solutions catering to clients fully virtually.

Leila Chang is the owner and founder of Ideal Solutions, but is also dedicated to the South Florida community she grew up in. Ms. Chang is President of BNI Miami Beach (a referral networking group), serves on the Pillar Board of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and is a young founder for Mt. Sinai Medical Center. Ms Chang also enjoys volunteering in her community. She used to serve as CEO of Hands on Miami.

Prior to Ideal Solutions, Ms Chang is also a founder, investor and CEO of Atlantic Dental Benefits, a managed dental care company in Florida. During her tenure, Atlantic Dental has returned a significant profit to investors and has grown the organization to more than 700,000 members and 2,000 dentists throughout Florida.

Leila is a graduate of Florida International University in Miami, Florida, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. She loves to run marathons and enjoy all that South Florida has to offer.



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