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How to Build Trust with Content Marketing

Hemingway House
I recently took a weekend trip to Key West, Florida. I’ve been there a million times, but had never visited the Hemingway House. Hemingway was most productive as a writer during his time spent in Key West.  He used to wake up every morning and walk across the catwalk to his studio. There he wrote 500 – 700 words per day.
Hemingway was a writer, and writing was his career. For some of us, writing does not come naturally. However, every business owner should make it a priority to write great content for their business or hire someone to write great content for them. One of the best ways to keep in front of clients and prospects is through email marketing and blogging. It’s inexpensive, it’s effective and it’s a vital part of every successful business plan.
People do business with those they trust. My good friend Dave Lorenzo is an author and business coach. He puts it very simply, “frequency of contact builds trust.”  Communicating with your clients and prospects frequently ensures that you stay top of mind. Even if your prospects are not currently using your products and services, they will remember you when they are ready to buy.
Ideal Solutions sends out approximately 40 newsletters a month for clients. Some clients write newsletters themselves, others are written by employees, and some are outsourced to copywriters. One of our newsletter clients was kind enough to share a great story with us. Last December, a customer emailed him with one of his newsletters in the email chain. The newsletter was from December – of 2014.  This customer was obviously saving his monthly newsletters. How is that for being on top of their mind?
So, get to writing or get to outsourcing your writing. Once you have great content, make sure you put it to good use. Create a blog on your website. Upload the content onto your blog where it will live in perpetuity and enhance your SEO. Upload it in long form on your LinkedIn profile. Promote it on social media. Send past copies to new prospects. Don’t get overwhelmed by the process; we can help you get started, and better yet, we can make sure you keep doing it.
Ideal Solutions offers social media strategy and management services. Leave the planning and posting to us and we’ll make you look like a pro.



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