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Increase Your Social Media Audience with Employee Involvement

If asked, could you name someone without a social media profile? Could you name a handful? It’s hard to find many people who aren’t “social” these days. Actually, data collected last year suggests 78 percent of all Americans have a social media profile.

By now, businesses big and small realize the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn when it comes to marketing. In fact, a survey conducted found that people’s buying behavior is directly influenced by social media.

Of course, social media only works if you have an audience. But if you have a staff, and can get them involved in your social media marketing efforts, your audience and revenue could grow exponentially based on their friends and followers.
But you need to establish a system, first. Here’s how to get them involved, and excited about it:

  1. Select your social ambassadors. Identify your most socially active employees, and select the ones who are most knowledgeable about your brand and excited to post about it.
  2.  Manage the sharing. Help your staff understand what is appropriate to share and what isn’t. Many companies have created guidelines to facilitate the process.
  3.  Make sharing fun and easy. Post fun and interesting social media updates that encourage sharing.

Of course this is all a moot point without a sound foundation. The idea of social sharing can only be successful if your staff is happy, and feels appreciated. People will never volunteer to promote a company where they don’t feel genuinely valued.
Need more ideas on how to grow your audience on social media?  Email me to discuss a digital marketing strategy that fits your goals.



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