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3 Ways to Connect with Social Media

With so many social media users, it’s easy to believe that connecting on the internet is as simple as posting a message, sitting back and waiting for people to interact with you. We all know that’s not really the case. But when you own your own business and are doing your own social media marketing, it can be disappointing when you don’t get the engagement you expect.
While it’s true that social media is a great marketing tool, it can start to lose its power if you treat it merely as a tool instead of a way to connect with current and future customers. So how do you do that?

  • By listening. Interaction is a give-and-take process. You need to be aware of what people are saying about your industry, and your business, in order to respond – and post -accordingly.
  • By becoming an expert. As the Russian proverb goes, “If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.” Instead of signing up for every social platform available and trying to manage every account, start with one. Once you become an expert on that platform, add another. We recommend that you focus on 3 to 4 platforms at most.
  • By focusing on you. It’s important to know who your competition is.  But cyber stalking them and comparing your engagement to theirs will only leave you stressed out and frustrated. Keeping up with the Jones’s is just as unhealthy in business as in other aspects of life.

Social media has become a wonderful tool for businesses to interact with current customers, entice prospects, and strengthen their digital footprint. But that can only happen with consistent, targeted messaging. If your company needs some guidance with its social media marketing efforts, Ideal Solutions can effectively help you establish a strong social media presence, reaching new customers using unique and targeted strategies.
Want to build your company’s brand and trust in the eyes of the internet? Email me to discuss a digital marketing strategy for your business.


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