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Participating In Your Online Marketing

Help your team help you!

Do you know that famous scene in Jerry McGuire? A frazzled Jerry implores his pro football client, Rod Tidwell, “Help ME, help YOU!” 

We love this scene because it’s one we can point to and say, we can help you, as long you help us help you!

You are experts in what you do and in your brand. We are experts in social media marketingemail marketing and content creation, andplatform accessibility. To be successful at marketing your brand, we encourage the teamwork model, where we are both participating. 
As a client, you have rights. But also as a client, you have responsibilities. They go hand-in-hand.

Your #1 right is to feel like this is a partnership:

  • Feeling informed about all the services we recommend.
  • Expecting and receiving transparent reporting about the services, including the metrics from the results.
  • Receiving recommendations, direction, and guidance from us. 
  • Having a strong say in the direction we take your brand. This can include giving us restrictions, such as not using children in content, avoiding particular topics, etc. 

Your #1 responsibility is to be an active team member in the marketing plan:

  • Attend content meetings.
  • Complete questionnaires that reveal important information about your brand, company, customers, and competition. Completing those questionnaires on time, and as often as requested.
  • Fulfilling other content requests and encouraging team members to do the same, such as selfies, videos, images, camera-ready art.
  • Following our recommendations, or communicating what is preventing you from doing so.
  • Reviewing content as requested and meeting deadlines.

Tell us, and we can help

We understand if you might be reluctant to work with a marketing team. We are here to tell you that when partnerships work, they work well. We have outstanding relationships with our clients who see us as a partner in their success.

Let us help you. Let’s get started today.


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