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Grow Your Email Contact Database in Minutes With Addresses You Already Have

What if you could turn your email inbox into contacts for your business?
Our client’s email marketing success story is one we can replicate for you.

Imagine if you could find every contact detail from your emails, email signatures, and calendars. Then, easily sync it with your CRM (customer relationship management software) and other marketing apps.

We can help you with that! Our team can boost the success of your email-centered sales or marketing campaigns by finding more contacts within the programs your company already uses.

Our recent success with a client’s email database project yielded excellent results. We’re ready to help your small business reap the same benefits.

Why your business needs this tool 

Often at a small business, there is a haphazard process for adding new or updating existing customer contact information. Certain team members may be consistently good at it while others are not.
What happens when your company’s contact database is out of date and/or missing contacts? You guessed it, your email campaigns, no matter how well designed, have less than optimal results. Open rates plummet, and bounce rates soar, as do the missed opportunities.

How it works

Our web data extraction tool acts as a contact aggregator. Once deployed, it scans the details of you and your employees’ email and calendar accounts to find contacts, company names, addresses, phone numbers, social profiles, and more.

By automatically scanning and extracting contact details from all connected employee mailboxes, we can create a single, un-duplicated record for each contact. Additionally, the tool automatically updates records in your existing contact programs, email marketing programs, CRMs, and other business apps.

You also gain new leads. By scanning you and your employees’ email and calendar history, we can add contacts not already in your contact database. It’s like finding marketing gold in your existing mine.

A client success story

We used email aggregation for our client, a New York-based CPA & Business Consulting firm. The tool scanned the business email addresses, email signatures, and calendars of 10 team members.
The Q1 2021 Results

  • The company started with 800 contacts. They added 2,014 new contacts.
  • Email newsletter open rates increased to 26%. The benchmark for financial services is 20%.
  • We created an automated process to add new contacts to the database and email marketing platform. Accordingly, their contact database continues to grow with each interaction, automatically.

Ready to improve everything about your contact database, including how it generates new business? We are here to help. Ideal Solutions puts you at the forefront of digital marketing and can get you where you want to be.


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