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How to Choose the Right Social Media Channels for Your Business

Which social media channels are the right ones for your business?

We’re glad you asked!

For the answers, consider the characteristics of your company, your audience, and your marketing goals. Then, you can focus on the best channels to share your message.

Be strategic about your selections so you can focus your marketing resources. If you choose channels without proper analysis, you’ll end up with disappointing results. Instead, stay focused on a few channels that will maximize your efforts.

Answer these three main questions to get started:

  1. What demographics are you trying to reach? Certain groups spend more time on certain channels. Age is one of the leading indicators. Gender, education, and race can also be factors.
  2. What type of content will you share? If you are a B2B company and highly information-driven, your content can succeed on Facebook, LinkedIn, and as a blog on your website. If you are B2C and more visually driven, then your content will work best on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  3. What are the primary objectives of your social media marketing? Social media channels all deliver different kinds of marketing results.

Your marketing objectives
Then choose a:Including:Because there,
your audience can:
Market research, brand
awareness, lead generation,
relationship building
& customer service.
Social networkFacebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn
Connect with people
and brands.
Brand awareness,
lead generation &
audience engagement.
Media sharing
Share photos, videos,
and other media.
Brand awareness, customer
engagement & website traffic.
Bookmarking &
content curation
Discover, save, share, and
discuss new and trending
content and media.
Using content marketing to
engage with your audience,
build your brand and
generate leads and sales.
Blogging &
Tumblr, Medium
Publish, discover,
and comment on
content online.

Ready? Or not?

Inspired? Or a bit overwhelmed? Do not get discouraged! We offer solutions to your social media dilemmas. We can:

  • Match your business with the right digital marketing strategy.
  • Create content that drives engagement and generates new business.
  • Analyze what’s working, then pivot as needed.

Let us help you get your business on the right social media platforms, where billions look for their news, advice, friendships, and entertainment.

Make an appointment for a consultation today to get started.


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