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Digital Marketing Confessions: We’re Using AI, and it is Making Us Better

A woman sitting at a computer console using an AI-driven video editing software to demonstrate how AI could boost your output.

Artificial intelligence, intuitive technology, AI, robots writing web content—if you haven’t heard about this soaring wave in recent months, then you must have been living under a rock. 

Here’s the truth, AI is here to stay and will only continue to gain momentum as the number of tools continues to grow. Our team believes in balancing the use of AI with the irreplaceable finesse of the human touch. Because, much like humans, AI is not perfect and needs to be used in partnership with real-life voices in order to be the most effective. And when the two come together in perfect harmony, the results can be explosive.

At Ideal Solutions, we embrace technological change and are always staying on top of the latest tools and trends (yes, we were early adopters of Google+— you live, and you learn.) By integrating AI into our operations, we’re increasing output, taking on more clients, and delivering stellar work that produces exceptional results. 

Here are a few examples of how AI could boost your output: 

  • ChatGPT is a great idea starter, inspiration machine, and writer’s-block remedy.
  • Zapier automates our workflows.
  • Constant Contact allows us to systematize client email funnels.
  • transcribes our meeting notes.
  • MidJourney helps us produce unique graphics. 
  • CapCut and Adobe allow us to quickly and fully caption videos. 

Instead of running away from artificial intelligence, we welcome it into our operations with open arms while setting regulations and standards that keep our work top-of-the-line and competitively priced.

If you’ve been curious about AI and how it can transform your day-to-day operations, then let’s talk. We’ve been testing this technology against our own standards since it was released and have become experts at balancing these solutions within our team.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll show you how AI could boost your output.


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