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Ideal Solutions began as Ideal Lifestyle Concierge, a personal assistant company created by founder Leila Chang, who had one goal in mind for this company: work-life balance. As the needs of clients evolved so did the company attracting some highly educated and skilled team members. The company went from doing simple errand-running type tasks for clients around town to helping small business owners practically run their entire business.

At the core of the business, one value remains intact. we know balance is equal to more time to enjoy the things you love. Our staff is a group of highly educated women who work from the comfort of their home achieving the ultimate balance between life and work. Ideal Solutions provides meaningful work for women who would otherwise have to leave their home and children for work. To them and to their clients, time is precious and something to be used wisely.

Time is a luxury in our world of 24/7 constant availability, multi-tasking and instant gratification. Our dedicated and expert staff can take care of the details, streamlining and organizing your processes and leaving you with time to enjoy what’s important to you… more time to work on your business not in your business and to spend with family and friends.

About the Founder
5918801892_32771aa813_mLeila Chang started Ideal Lifestyle Concierge after living a busy corporate life as the CEO of several South Florida companies. She recognized the need for personal assistance in her day-to-day life and wanted to make it a available for everyone. In 2006, Ideal Lifestyle Concierge became a reality. In 2013 the company was rebranded as Ideal Solutions, now catering to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and businesses on a fully virtual basis.

Ms. Chang is also the current CEO of Florida Dental Benefits. The firm is focused on offering accessibility to quality affordable dental care throughout Florida with a high touch approach to customer service.

Prior to her current roles, she served as the CEO of Hands on Miami, a non-profit volunteer organization in Miami. With its Flexible Volunteering Model, HandsOn Miami inspires, equips and mobilizes people to take action to positively effect change in Miami-Dade County.

Additionally, she was a founder, investor and CEO of Atlantic Dental Benefits, a managed dental care company in Florida. During her tenure, Atlantic Dental has returned a significant profit to investors and has grown the organization to more than 700,000 members and 2,000 dentists throughout Florida.

Ms. Chang is a graduate of Florida International University in Miami, Florida, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science.