Jodi Bonard

Social Media Specialist

Jodi B headshot

Jodi (AKA JoFran) is our Texas Jodi. Her skills include business operations and management, customer service, relationship management, training, and marketing.

Jodi has worked as an executive assistant since 2006 providing a variety of services including bookkeeping, invoicing, QuickBooks, vendor management, and pretty much anything her clients and bosses required of her. Her claim to fame here at Ideal Solutions is her ability to learn new tasks quickly and adapt to the ever-changing technological world. She is a Twitter wiz. She has a great sensibility for good design and a nose for online trends.

She is also a skilled massage therapist: she studied Massage Therapy at Desert Institute of the Healing Arts. While in massage school, she practiced her sports massage on Ryk Neethling, who was training for the Olympics in Tucson AZ. He went on to win a gold medal for a relay swim race for South Africa. She also worked aboard a cruise ship stationed off Athens during the Olympic games. While working there, she worked with Ian Thorpe, a swimmer from Australia who won several gold medals that year. She also studied chemistry and biology at the University of Arizona.

Jodi is fascinated with tragic historical events and is probably the only girl who hates clothes shopping. Crafts and playdates are her hobbies unless she happens to get an overwhelming desire to clean.  She lives with her husband and two sweet daughters in Texas.

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