Natasha Gamboa

Social Media & Email Marketing Specialist

Natasha Gamboa headshot

Introducing Natasha, our Social Media & Email Marketing Specialist extraordinaire! Hailing from the vibrant landscape of South Florida, Natasha combines her background in marketing and finance with a passion for digital engagement.

Nestled in the sunshine state with her husband and three little adventurers, Natasha thrives on the excitement of balancing family life with her professional endeavors. When she’s not busy crafting compelling email campaigns or curating captivating social media content, Natasha can be found embracing her adventurous side as an avid rock climber.

Fueled by her love for exploration, Natasha and her family often embark on thrilling escapades, seeking out new heights and unforgettable experiences. With Natasha’s creative flair and strategic mindset, our online presence flourishes under her expert guidance, ensuring our message resonates far and wide.

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