Tara Diegelman

Team Member

Headshot of Tara D

Meet Tara. She’s a hometown girl with three active kids and a dog. Tara loves spending time with her family in Missouri where she was born and raised. Her sense of humor is contagious –she can tell stories and have you laughing about how in third grade she wanted to be a stand-up comedian and in high school move to NYC to design billboards and have cats.

Tara’s passion for creativity is apparent in everything she does. She brings a unique set of talents and experiences to the team that no one else can match! Her knack for finding new and intriguing ways to meet clients’ needs makes her stand out in her field.

Helping people in just about any capacity is a passion for her…unless it has to do with feet, audible chewing, the Oxford comma, or horses. Those are a nope. Her loves include art, tattoos, teaching, kids, sports, grammar, and nature.

Tara's 2 sons and 1 daughter

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