Tina McArdle

Email Marketing Specialist / Special Projects

Tina M Headshot

Tina began her career in the print world, working for Encore Magazine, the sister company of Playbill, the magazine for theatergoers. Living in Miami, the backdrop for big-name movies, TV shows, and music videos, Tina quickly transitioned to the film world, where she immersed herself in the region’s most significant industry – tourism. Tina worked for the founders of South Florida Film Community, a company specializing in producing sales and marketing content for the cruise lines. In that capacity, she gained an immeasurable amount of experience and traveled extensively, filming and editing. She soon branched out on her own, founding her own production company. Through Palm Tree Productions, Tina helped produce such films as Transporter 2, episodic television shows like CSI Miami, and many television commercials.

When Tina started a family, she took a step back from the production world. Though she loved the work, she realized the long hours and travel were not conducive for managing a young family. So, she transitioned to full-time mom, at least for a short time.

Tina joined the My Ideal Solutions team in 2020 (?). In her role as real estate account services administrator, Tina is instrumental in organizing and coordinating all of our real estate clients’ projects. 

After living in Miami since childhood, Tina considers herself a native. She enjoys the walking community where she lives, especially its proximity to the beach, where she often bikes with her kids for a quick swim.

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