Our Process

Our strategies always support 3 goals:


Increase your following and get eyes on your content


Get your followers to like, comment and share your content


Drive traffic to your website/landing pages and increase your database

Businesses often have the best of intentions when they try to go it alone. More often than not they lack a developed strategy, inspiration and  processes to make sure they are consistent.

With Ideal Solutions as your digital marketing agency, you get more than a better process. You get a fully mapped out and efficient strategy that’s measurably effective at increasing your following, getting more followers to like, share, and comment, and most importantly influencing customers to click through to your website, blog or landing page.

Our Process


Understand and Define Your Brand

We facilitate a dialogue through our onboarding questionnaire and Ideal Team interview. Our questions help our clients communicate their brand to us so that we can communicate for them. It helps us find the right unique voice for each client. Once your brand is defined, we make sure your look, messaging, and voice are consistent.

Develop Content Categories

Establishing a good mix of content keeps your communication interesting and keeps users engaged. We develop 4 to 5 content categories that reinforce your brand message.

Everything we create comes from a purposeful and on-brand mix that keeps your feed interesting and your followers engaged. 


Create & Optimize Content

The first step is to listen and learn. We research leaders and competitors in our client’s industry before we write one piece of content.

Then, we create and optimize your content by:

  • Writing copy that informs, educates, engages, and entertains 
  • Creating and enhancing images 
  • Editing and captioning videos
  • Adding key hashtags, mentions, and tags
  • Proofreading before going live

Schedule Content

We create a detailed content calendar that includes copy, images, links, hashtags, mentions and videos. Content is planned 2 – 4 weeks at a time ensuring consistent posting. We maximize content across all platforms and ensure that we use the right language for each. We leave room for content that is time sensitive.

The last step is your review, feedback and finally scheduling your content.

We manage your profiles by interacting with current followers and engaging others to follow.


Evaluate & Adjust

We conduct quarterly reviews of your platforms and provide performance analytics. You have real, tangible measurements to consider. We review whether strategies are on track or adjustments need to be made to ensure goals are met.


Training and Research

Digital marketing is continually changing. The techniques, platforms, and algorithms that worked yesterday may not work today. To continue to create strategies and campaigns that generate the optimal results, our team of experts is continuously training, learning, and adjusting our approaches. After all, the more we grow and learn, the more it benefits our clients.

Experience the Difference We Make For Your Brand

Ideal Solutions puts you at the forefront of digital marketing. Forget flying by the seat of your pants or throwing darts with your eyes closed. No more gut checks and guessing. No more feeling directionless. You have a customized map and experts helping you get you where you want to be.

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