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Social networking is an important and essential way to market your company in today’s virtual and technology driven society. The benefits of social media are many. Social media matters because it can drive traffic to your website and generate sales. Many people rely on social mediums to build an opinion about a product or service. If you are not active in social media it can translate into not existing at all!

Social Media may seem easy when managing your personal pages, right? It can be so deceiving, many people want to do it themselves or hire an intern to do it. Social Media for business is a little more involved than that. There are a few things to consider: strategy (business and marketing), metrics, ROI and identity.

When you hire someone to take care of your social media needs you have some options. Yes, one of them is using an intern. It’s cheap labor, but do they know how to make your business shine on social media? Do they understand the intricacies of Facebook for business or what social medium is best for your specific target market?

How about hiring an employee to run your social media for you, that can cost a minimum of $35k a year even if it’s just part time and most people qualified to run your pages are looking for a full-time position with opportunities for advancement. Let’s take it one step further. You can hire a marketing firm, top notch. Do you know how much it costs to hire a full-fledged marketing firm? It can be as much as $400 an hour! WOAH.

To be honest, there are also some firms that charge low, low prices to run your social media for you. These companies do post often and their content has some relevance but they usually use robots, programs and apps to do the work. This means your human touch is gone, you can miss many trend opportunities and your customers can tell the difference between a person and a machine.

Finally, you can hire a virtual assistant. Most virtual assistants can schedule the posts of your liking, draft some simple posts to keep your media presence alive and well. Why are we a bit different than most virtual assistant companies? We have an experienced marketing staff in house that can take that a step further analyzing your monthly metrics, reviewing your social media strategy quarterly and ensuring that you don’t miss out on monthly, weekly and daily trends to loop your business into what everyone is talking about.

What we do as part of Social Media Management:

  • Recommendation of social mediums best for your business based on your target market and business goal
  • Set up pages using best practices for each platform
  • Monthly strategy based on trends and current events
  • Content creation (blog posts, copy writing, meme creation, etc.)
  • Copy-editing and proofreading
  • Reporting of activity and growth in each medium

Building a social media community takes time, testing and expertise. Do what you do best and leave the social media marketing to us. Most of our clients are on retainer for social media but reach out to us for many different things month to month –learn more about our corporate services and virtual assistance┬áservices. We do whatever our clients need. We want to make it easy for our clients to work with us. To get a personalized quote on social media for your business contact us.